Experimental Instructions

Demonstration experiments to the textbook “Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle”

Topic “Basic Concepts and Chemical Equilibria (Statics)”

Ice Melting Block
Ice Calorimeter
Carbide Lamp
Boiling by Cooling
Demixing of an Acetone-Saltwater Solution
Paper Chromatography

Topic “Progression of Substance Changes in Time (Kinetics) and Transport Phenomena”

  • Experiment 16.2: Precipitation of Zinc Carbonate
  • Experiment 16.3: Reaction of Iodide with Iodate
  • Experiment 16.4: Rusting of Iron
  • Experiment 16.5: Coal Formation
  • Experiment 16.7: Measuring Rate Density by Titration
  • Experiment 16.8: Volumetric Determination of Conversion
  • Experiment 16.11: Concentration Dependency of Rate of Conversion (Video)
Concentration Dependency of Rate of Conversion
  • Experiment 18.1: Temperature Dependency of Rate of Conversion
  • Experiment 19.1: Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Various Catalysts (Video)
  • Experiment 19.2: Autocatalysis
  • Experiment 19.3: Inhibition of the Enzyme Catalase
  • Experiment 19.4: Catalytic Decomposition of Urea by the Enzyme Urease
  • Experiment 19.5: Catalysis of Acetone Oxidation by Copper (Video)
  • Experiment 19.6: Catalyzed Gas Ignition
“Genie in the Bottle” (Decomposition of H2O2)
  • Experiment 20.1: Unevenly Colored Crystals as an Example of an Extremely Small Diffusion Velocity
  • Experiment 20.2: Diffusion of Permanganate in Silica Gel
  • Experiment 20.3: Outflow of Various Glycerin-Water Mixtures
  • Experiment 20.4: Honey Experiment
  • Experiment 20.5: Entropy Conduction in Solid Substances
Entropy Conduction

Topic “Interaction with Electric Fields (Electrochemistry)”

  • Experiment 22.1: Reduction of Fe3+ ions by Sn2+ ions
  • Experiment 23.1: Reduction of Cu2+ ions by Zinc
  • Experiment 23.2: Daniell Cell

Additional experiments to the topic “Interfacial Phenomena”

  • Experiment: Drops on Coins
  • Experiment: Optimal Bubble-ology
  • Experiment: Capillary Tubes (alternative version to experiment 15.4)
  • Experiment: Capillary Action Between Two Glass Plates
  • Experiment: Soap-Powered Boat

Additional experiments to the topic “Interaction with Electric Fields (Electrochemistry)”

  • Experiment: Homemade Voltaic Pile (video)

It´s Show Time … Some Fun Science Experiments

Presentation “What a duck can teach us about thermodynamics”