A New Teaching Concept

The homepage is still under construction. But you can already discover many interesting information about physical chemistry.

Physical chemistry is perceived by many students as difficult and dry. Therefore, a simpler approach to the central quantities, besides energy in particular entropy and chemical potential, is proposed for first-year students. The quantities are characterized by their typical and easily observable properties, i.e. by creating a kind of “wanted poster” for them.This phenomenological characterization is supplemented by a direct measurement procedure.

The chemical potential is key in dealing with physicochemical problems. Based upon this central concept, it is possible to explore many other fields from applications in daily life to quantum statistics.

Homemade “Lava Lamp”

Even in the age of YouTube and smartphones, demonstration experiments have lost none of their fascination, as they make the abstract facts on which they are based tangible to the senses.  Therefore, the theoretical considerations are not only linked to everyday experience, but also to more than one hundred demonstration experiments.